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Mimoza’s new Album ”Non-Fungible” Available Now!

Artist bio for immediate release Mimoza Keka

,,Keka, fascinates with the emotional and physical strength
that are obviously the strongest steam for her to deal sovereignly with the
very demanding works, this time with the imposing sonata in h-moll of the great
Franz Liszt.., which she overcame with an inexplicably easy approach the
ingenious artistic nature of Liszt..”


,,..that sublime artistic act of visible exposure of very
detailed performed music score was obvious for Mimoza Keka, she with her own
artistic fanaticism conquered that grandiose Liszt’s challenge called the
terrible Sonata in h-moll, to which even more experienced piano masters do not
come close because it is really too difficult to perform..”

Golden Lyre Festival, 2017
Vaska Naumova Tomovska
Music Critic – Association of Music Artists (SMUM)


Mimoza Keka is an acclaimed Macedonian pianist born in Skopje.  She received her PhD in Musical Arts at the age of 26 from the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, under the mentorship of Prof. Todor Svetiev and Prof. PhD Dimitrije Buzharovski.  Her professional and personal formation has been greatly influenced by many outstanding musicians including maestra Lilya Zilberstein, obtaining a Master’s Degree (Master of Arts Diploma) under her supervision.

Her international performances include concerts and recitals in Prague, Rome, Paris, Milan, Trieste, Siena, Bristol and New York City. The performances range from solo recitals and concerts with symphony orchestras to participation in chamber ensembles and piano duo. Mimoza performs at festivals such as “Siena Summer Festival”, International Francophonie Festival “Soleil”, as well as festivals in North Macedonia- “Autumnal Musical Festivities”, “Golden Lyre” and “Days of Macedonian Music”, gaining recognition by music critics- “Her performance is distinguished by a clear and creative imagination, with a precisely crafted dynamics, articulation, rhythm and an exceptionally well-built pianistic technique…”; “…Keka fascinates with her emotional and physical strength, her volcanic nature – an obvious pillar on which she overcomes Liszt’s genius artistic nature with an inexplicably easy approach…” Her repertoire includes music from baroque to contemporary, performing a wide range of musical works. In 2022 she released her solo album Non-Fungible with music by Bach, Scriabin and Barber.

She is a winner of 10 international and national awards and prizes on competitions in Italy, France, Serbia and North Macedonia. Keka has also performed in a number of master classes with highly acclaimed pianists as well as having accomplished professional trainings at prestigious music academies including Accademia Musicale Chigiana. In 2019 she participated in TEME Project (Transnational European Music Entrepreneur) in Italy, part of Music Moves Europe.

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