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Project Festive Rhapsody

Festive Rhapsody is a project that brings together music enthusiasts and connoisseurs for a series of concerts designed to bring joy to the holiday season through the brilliant melodies of the classical composers. In each new edition of this project, the goal is to present a fresh, vibrant experience that captures the spirit of the occasion.

Each year this project has a new themed adventure, ensuring that no two ‘Festive Rhapsodies’ are alike. Whether it’s a solo piano performance with haunting Tchaikovsky melodies or dynamic chamber music with the music of Beethoven and Dvořák, the commitment to diversity and innovation remains unwavering.

The compositions are carefully selected to resonate with the essence of the celebration, and together with the unique performance, the result is a magical blend of music and merriment that captures the hearts of all who attend.

The first concert of the project “Festive Rhapsody” occured in December 2019.


Festive Rhapsody aims to collaborate with artists and ensembles around the world. These partnerships bring together exceptional talent, resulting in outstanding performance.

The journey of “Festive Rhapsody” not only persists, but also strives to expand its horizons. We are dedicated to the ongoing exploration of new venues, new concert halls and spaces, creating fresh and exciting programs and nurturing new collaborations.