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Charity Work

Mimoza is a dedicated advocate for charity work. Her passion for making a positive impact on the world extends far beyond the stage. Through her philanthropic efforts, Mimoza has consistently supported various causes, demonstrating a deep commitment to social responsibility.

From organizing benefit concerts to collaborating with charitable organizations, Keka uses her music as a powerful platform for change. Her involvement in initiatives such as the Benefit Concert for SOS Children’s Village Skopje “Autumn Fairytale” showcases her dedication to making the world a better place.

Autumn Fairytale

The main concert of “Autumn Fairytale” took place at the Philharmonic Hall in Skopje on November 3rd, 2018. It was more than just an evening of music and merriment; it was an initiative aimed at weaving dreams into reality and supporting the noble cause of SOS Children’s Village Skopje.

I have always been deeply committed to philanthropy and contributing to the well-being of others. One of my notable initiatives was in 2018 when I organized and hosted a benefit concert for SOS Children’s Village. It gives me immense joy to share that this event was a resounding success, bringing together both music enthusiasts and compassionate souls to support a noble cause. The concert not only showcased the power of music to unite hearts but also made a meaningful impact on the lives of those we aimed to help.

– Mimoza Keka


“Autumn Fairytale” reminds us that together, we can create a world where dreams come true. Thank you for being a part of this heartwarming journey towards a better, more enchanted world.

Get Involved

If you’re an artist, musician, or organization interested in collaborating for a future charity events, we welcome your ideas and partnerships.

Together, we can continue to create a lasting legacy of music, unity, and philanthropy.